Cute Kids Who Stole Our Hearts At The Oscars. If They Were Yours!

About every year, a young actor or actress completely hijacks the Oscars red carpet with their charm, innocence, and energy.

This year, all signs point to Brooklynn Prince, the 7-year-old actress from The Florida Project, as being the talk of the town come Oscar night. She isn’t nominated for any awards, with her film scoring only one nomination (Best Supporting Actor for Willem Dafoe), but she did get emotional when she won Best Young Performer at the Critics Choice Awards in January — and suggested that she and her fellow nominees all go out for ice cream after the ceremony.

Let’s take a look back at who else we wanted to grab a cone with after their Oscars appearance, including two kids who played young versions of Dev Patel, one kid with a Star Wars secret, one kid who wouldn’t put down his brainiac toy, and one current nominee.

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