A Stranger Saves Chrissy Teigen From Being Hit by a Cyclist In New York “Kind Heart”

A 32-year-old model was miraculously saved by a strange man while  she was about  crossing street in New York. The pregnant woman was prevented from being hit by a cyclist.

Some of her  fans saw something negative in the photos of the incident as they said the man seems to be intruding.

“Hey @chrissyteigen this looks like you have strapped a very small man to your boob,” one follower wrote.

Chrissy who is  the Lip Sync Battle host was quick on that as she went after one follower accused the man of being a “creeper.”   She went on to say “everything” was fine with her and the young man has actually saved her  from getting run over by a cyclist .  “I should have looked before stepping out.”


Chrissy Teigen is presently with her husband John Legend in New York for Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert—the NBC production where her husband is been starred.

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