All Eyes On President Buhari As He Declares Second Term Bid #MyView

Nigerian politics: Politics  of shambles and dilemma

It’s barely 24hrs President Muhammadu buhari of Nigeria declared his intension to run for a second term, come 2019 and the entire nation is already boiling.

Actions, reactions and counter-reactions  has flooded numerous media outfit including the social.  The incumbent has spent about 3yrs on sit with no headway.  It was gathered that the governors and the national leadership, led by the APC Chairman, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, were not aware of the decision until the President spoke.

A member of the PDP- The peoples Demcratic Party,  The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, who seems to be the strongest of those opposing  the president,  said Nigeria does not need Buhari as her leader in 2019, noting that Monday’s declaration of second term ambition by the President is dead on arrival.  And that Nigerians should not vote for him because he has failed.  That was his admonition to Nigerians. But was he speaking the mind of all Nigerians? My answer is “NO”.

The Nigerian Governmental system is one in which individuals who are not beneficting from it directly through corrupt practices will go against.  This set of people who stands out as voice of the people are all there for there own selfish interest.   They are not speaking the mind of the masses.  Previous governments and the present, all came on board through thesame  propaganda

PDP spent the last 16yrs busy looting our treasury which plunged  Nigerians into where we are today as perceived by the rulling party APC who is also making a great effort to recover the loot but in vague manner which has again make Nigerians lost in the middle.

A former Nigerian president, Olusegun Obasanjo was one of the biggest pioneer  of putting out PDP in the 2015 general election.  He asked Nigerians to vote out Mr Goodluck J and the PDP.  Nigeria almost went zero.  Mr Obasanjo pioneered and again brought before Nigerians, President Buhari and APC.  Though APC has just spent about 3yrs as the rulling party, but seems to have failed taking it back to their promises. 

He listed three major areas – corruption, security and the economy – as his focus. He should tell us where his achievements lie in these areas. .

The general election is just around the corner and Mr Obasanjo is back at it.  He’s clamouring for a change of government.  But wait!  Is Nigeria one of Obasanjo’s cars that he has the key to and controlls the stiring wheel?

A former President of Aka Ikenga, an Igbo think tank, Chief Goddy Uwazurike, has said even though the President has a constitutional right to seek re-election, he should tell Nigerians what he has done to deserve another term in office.  oops!

Ex-President Goodluck J was an error to Nigerians but Obasanjo came and substituted the error with another. And now he’s  back.  Does Obasanjo have a better candidate.  No No No ..  Obasanjo nor Fayose has no legal right to ask Mr President to step aside. But is Mr President capable of carrying on? oops!

Presently we have two  political party in the country, the PDP and  APC though some other parties are waving their hands as side attractions.  If Nigerians  want APC-Buhari out of office, they have the power and right but who are they going to give it to? PDP-Atiku who seems to best candidate to pick their tickect? Another substituted error

The present state of politics/political parties in Nigeria-shambles and dilemma-if  not properly checked and controlled, Nigeria will fall back to primitive age.  There will be no development at all level.  In other word, if APC-Buhari and PDP-Atiku or others are not  qualified, then the political parties have no candidates yet.

Nigerians don’t really know how and whom to vote for in the next general election. The political lions, tigers and hyenas has taken over the political arena. #MyView

President Buhari: I am coming back

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