Nigerian Youths Are Lazy #I support President Buhari. But It’s Regional. #MyView

  Nigerian Youths Are Lazy. I stand with the President and support his statement strongly. He was referring to his people……. Not Muslims nor Christians but those who have  arms and legs but decided to sit and beg.  And they are all from his region.

  • PLEASE!  PLEASE!  PLEASE! Nigerians who are kicking against and insulting the President on his statement should please look inward.  “Nigerians-Youths-Are-Lazy“. Truly lazy but it is regional in nature.
  • It is only a lazy child—youth— who will pick up a little bag or a container, leaves his parents and house hold as early as 7a.m and dive into the streets or go to the roadside to beg.  Sometimes these beggers are not only kids but been accompanied by youths, old men and women who are so much lazy that they can’t even have their bath. Most times they blame it on deformity or disability. All thesame children between the ages of seven and fifteen do roam about with the purpose of getting assistance.  A lazy father will produce a lazy child and become a lazy generation. #Mabaraci. 
  • It is only a lazy child—youth— that don’t believe in studying new ideas and techniques. They don’t go to school or want to be educated but remain primitive.  At this age in time youths are been forced to go to school just to aquire some knowledge but they remain adamant. To some extent they are meant to remain at home and learn since they don’t like schooling outside their home.
  • It is only a lazy child—youth— that says he or she is hungry and doesn’t want to get any type of education. It even got to the extent the GOVT have to introduce—school feeding programs. Though the feeding program is taking a slow pace but it only ment for some region by now. #Almajiri.
  • It will be unwise to conclude that Mr President insulted the entire youths of the country… No .. No .. No. He was actually talking to his people.  What a wise man.  Lazy youths only believes on election periods which allow them have  freebies.

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lazy people

  • No doubts, come rain—come shine— lazy kids will eventually turn lazy youths that will automaticall transform into lazy elders who will mistakenly become lazy Governors and Presidents without knowledge, loss of memory and have nothing to offer.
  • The  possibility is slim for you to find such in other parts of the country and if you do, they are all from the so called lazy people syndrome—region.

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children been forced to learn@lazy will turn lazy youths


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lazy president who left out his region 

  • It is true that only a lazy and lousy youth destroys peolples farm produce and set them ablaze.  Take a careful study on Nigerian youths living and thriving in the diaspora, they are not from that region and are not lazy. The lazy ones don’t even want to learn english but wants to be a political office holder.
  • Mr president said what he understood by the word lazy in realtion to his region who don’t care about lives or have fear of killing and  destroying. #MyView.


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