Offa Bank Robbery: The Police And The Hotel Management #MyView


Offa Bank robbery has has taken a different shape as police puts forward  it’s law.  Unprofessional NPO-Nigerian Police Officer

  • It is on the news that the owner of Xontec Hotel on Igosun Road, Offa, in the Offa Local Government Area of Kwara State, Mr. Kadir Surajudeen, and some of his staff  have been arraigned before  a Magistrate’s Court in Ilorin  for failing to give the police credible information on the gunmen who attacked some banks in the area. But for what? Are they the ones that commited the crime?
  • The suspected armed robbers, who robbed five banks and killed scores of people on April 5, were alleged to have stayed in the hotel before going for the operation. Taking this into consideration, the suspects were arraigned on two counts of criminal conspiracy and causing disappearance of evidence, including giving false information.  According to the panel code law, the offences contravened sections 97 and 167.
  • News gathered that a team of operatives on investigation into the armed robbery attack pushed further their investigation based on intelligence gathering to the hotel on Igosun Road in Offa to enable them get a better information that could assist discreet investigation into the crime.  This came to play based on the fact that the hotel couldn’t bring forward and satisfactorily give an account of the lodgers in their hotel.  No proper record kept.  The Magistrate, Mrs. M.B. Folorunso, in his ruling, granted the accused bail in the sum of N200,000 each with two sureties.
  • The word security has been displaced in Nigeria for a long time and this is the reason why it’s been twisted. A society where a police don’t know how and when to be vigilant.  A security personnel who’s duty is to combact crime, protect lives and property, instead supports crime just to make some quick cash.  Almost the entire hotel staff is been squeezed for not  been able to produce a concrete hotel register. But how did these criminals got into the city that is been parraded by police patrol van with large noise everyday.
  • An average Nigerian don’t have the right and power to speak against an erring police officer and with such immunity one can hardly pull them down with same law.   It was gathered that prior to the attack by the armed robbers, the proprietor of the hotel where the suspected bandits lodged a day before they carried out the disastrous attack was said to have informed the Divisional Police Station in the town over the alleged discoveries of some incriminating materials on the bandits while taking their stocks before they were checked into his hotel.
  • Receiving such an information,  the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) and Divisional Crime Officer (DCO) were said to have immediately ordered some men of the station to the hotel to verify the authenticity of the claims of the proprietor.   The policemen got to the hotel as ordered but due to their unproffessional and criminal attitude they decided to make their money by  negotiating with the bandits instead of arresting them.
  • Information also had it that on the second day the bandits struck, they first visited the police station in the town where they killed about nine policemen in anger and retaliation for allegedly collecting the sum of N400,000 from them when they came to the hotel to interrogate them.  That was chemical in nature:  Foward and Backward reaction.  The Police where expected to deal with the criminals but they failed and rather the criminals did.  Professional criminals indeed.

Offa Bank robbery

  • It’s so sad to hear a police officer talk about a YAHOO boy. The trend in town.  After the police interractions with the bandits, they  returned to the station, it was learnt that they informed the DPO and DCO that the bandits were merely “yahoo boys” and not armed robbers as allegedly claimed by the owner of the hotel. So this is part of the reason they said Nigerian police are one of the best in the world because they combact crime without been properly equipped. It seems they  know the nature of their crime-accomplice job that’s also why they believe they can fight without been equipped.
  • The first time we heard about a movie called 44-minutes, it was like, woh! How can a robbery take place for about an hour.  where are the security? just a movie though.  That’s  a minute in Nigeria if a robbery attack can take as long as 4-hours.  where are we heading to in terms of security with the huge some of money been voted in every month of the year? #MyView.
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